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I'm Reed Fish


I'm Reed Fish

I love Jay Baruchel, the kid who played undersized boxing enthusiast "Danger" in 2005's Best Picture winner Million Dollar Baby. He also portrayed a young '70s music fan in Almost Famous and Seth Rogen's stoner buddy in the runaway comedy Knocked Up. His geeky looks and goofy delivery make him a perfect fit for bit parts in big films. But as to whether he can carry his own movie, the jury's still out.

I'm Reed Fish is a slow-to-develop film in which Fish (Baruchel) hosts his own small-town radio show, following in his late father's footsteps. Weeks prior to his wedding, an old fling (Schuyler Fisk, Orange County) reappears, stealing attention from his fiancee (Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls). A love triangle develops, but the story suffers a major setback when the movie pauses, and it's revealed that viewers are actually watching a film-within-a-film, and some of the characters are being portrayed by different actors. Further confusing the plot is that both the DVD and the "in-film" film have the same title and the script was co-written by a guy named Reed Fish.

Even without the confusing subtext, the film may have achieved mediocrity at best because Fish's dialog falls flat, and there's really no conclusion. High points include Fisk's barroom singing and some nicely framed shots from director Zachary Adler, but they aren't enough to warrant a serious recommendation to rent this title.

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