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If you play, then pick up

The Boise River Clean-up, Fun Float and Picnic has been scheduled for August 16. If you have even once floated the Boise River and not taken your trash out, you karmically owe the universe to go back and pick up twice what you didn't the first time. Idaho Families for Clean Water invite the public to join them at 5:30 p.m. at Barber Park to float the river (picking up trash along the way, then to meet at 7:30 in Ann Morrison Park for a free picnic, then cleaning the Boise River of trash on the evening of Tuesday, August 16. Idaho Families for Clean Water is a coalition of individuals and organizations, including Sierra Club, Idaho Conservation League and Idaho Rivers United working to keep the Boise River clean of poisons like cyanide. Bring gloves and your trash bags. Call 384-1023 for more information.