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If I Were You ... I Would Avoid This At All Costs

This excruciating exercise stars Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden


If I Were You--an insufferable rom-com that is neither romantic nor comedic--is in desperate need of a director. It's a shame the screenwriter couldn't have gotten a better effort from the director. Oh wait, they're the same person.

Joan Carr-Wiggin joins a growing list of Hollywood scribes who should stay the hell away from the camera lens. The cast of If I Were You--led by Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden--thrash about with cringe-worthy dialogue, broad gestures and no anchor to reality. I continually felt that I was suffering through a bad Woody Allen film--a really, really, really bad one.

The movie introduces us to Madelyn (Harden) and Lucy (a horribly miscast Leonor Watling). It turns out that Lucy is having an affair with Madelyn's husband. The plot plods as Madelyn and Lucy audition for an amateur production of King Lear in which Madelyn is cast in the lead role (I kid you not) and Lucy is cast as The Fool and... oh, screw it; this mess is instantly forgettable. If I were you--and I truly wish I were since you probably haven't seen this film--I would avoid this movie at all costs.