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A Sandpoint district judge is back in the courtroom this week after a man accused him and other courtroom employees of felony charges for removing the man from the courtroom for the way he smelled. According to a report in the Bonner County Daily Bee, Steven Aver of Sandpoint was removed from Judge Steve Verby's courtroom after several employees said his smell was making them ill. Aver responded by accusing the court of 18 felony and five misdemeanor charges including terrorism, aggravated assault, criminal solicitation and conspiracy, racketeering, false imprisonment and disturbing the peace. Pending these hefty charges, Verby recently recused himself from the 220 criminal cases on his docket in order to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. But last week, Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson announced that Aver's charges, like his pits, smelled a little suspect.

"They don't support probable cause for any of the offenses that are alleged," he announced. The 220 cases have since been transferred back to Verby. That kind of workload stinks.