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IDFG Volunteer Opps


With a new year approaching, it's time to start looking at that resolution list. Have volunteerism on your list? Outdoorsmen may consider volunteering for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, as the department relies heavily on volunteers to help preserve, protect and enhance the Gem state's wildlife. IDFG estimates that volunteers save the department nearly $1 million dollars in time, equipment, materials and supplies each year.

IDFG is currently seeking enthusiastic, reliable, positive and adaptable volunteers in all areas of Idaho. For information on upcoming opportunities, visit IDFG at or contact your local volunteer coordinator. Regional volunteer contacts: Panhandle Region: (208) 769-1414, Clearwater Region: (208) 791-1291, Southwest Region: (208) 327-7099, Southeast Region: (208) 232-4703, Upper Snake Region: (208) 525-7290, Salmon Region: (208) 756-2271, MK Nature Center: (208) 287-2901.