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Idaho's Watergate?


It ain't the Watergate Hotel, but Democrat Larry LaRocco's office was broken into over the weekend.

"Nothing was taken," said LaRocco spokesman Dean Ferguson. "There really is a lot of valuable equipment here. We may have even had a little cash on hand."

The crook apparently broke in by kicking open the door of the campaign offices on 27th Street in Boise. Ferguson estimates the cost of damages to the door is roughly $200.

A report was filed with the Boise Police Department, which is investigating the incident, but as of press time, there were no suspects.

"We will not know whether this was a politically motivated break-in or just a random act of senseless violence until the Boise police conclude their investigation," said Bob Stout, campaign manager for LaRocco for Senate, in a written statement.

"We can't tell if anything was inspected," Ferguson said.

He later lamented that the criminal didn't even take the time to grab a campaign Frisbee or T-shirt.