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If you're still playing with the original version of Monopoly that you unwrapped on your 10th birthday, it may be time to upgrade. Get an entertainment-themed board—I Love Lucy, Nintendo, Disney and Pixar characters, Pirates of the Caribbean—or a sports-themed board with rival New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox games both available. There's even a bass fishing board. And for those of you who are all about the Gem State, now there's an Idaho board.

From the sweeping Sawtooth Mountain scene (one fit for a state quarter, mind you) in the center of the board to the outlying properties and player pieces, the whole game has been tweaked Idaho style by the Idaho and East Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. A nonprofit organization that works toward the restoration of sight through transplant for those who are permanently affected by blindness, the group developed the Idaho-themed Monopoly game as a fundraiser, which was made possible through donations from organizations throughout the state. For example, Citibank's logo appears on the money, thanks to its considerable donation. The coveted Boardwalk and Park Place properties were secured by donations from Micron and American Home Mortgage respectively, as were the red properties (traditionally known as Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky). However, most of the board is composed of non-sponsored properties, like the magenta properties reflecting historic sites the Oregon Trail, Cataldo Mission and Idaho City, and the light blue properties, which are potatoes, the mountain blue bird and the syringa.

Even the game box reflects Idaho landmarks, with photos of Craters of the Moon National Park, Deadwood River in Boise National Forest, Borah Peak, Shoshone Falls and an elk in the misty Clearwater River with snowcovered mountains in the background.

Gotta have one? Visit for a preview of the game or to purchase one online through PayPal, or download the form to have one shipped to you for $27 plus tax and shipping. For more information on other special editions of Monopoly visit