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Idahoan Included In Baseline Killer Charges


When Idaho transplant Georgia Thompson was found murdered outside of her Tempe, Arizona apartment on September 8, 2005, she was wearing a shirt that read, "Better luck next time." Police in Arizona now can apply that sentiment to themselves, after they cleared one suspected killer and linked the 19-year-old stripper's death to a killer with--cue violins in minor key--a nickname.

According to a story in the Arizona Republic, Thompson had moved to the Phoenix area from Coeur D'Alene just a month before being killed, and had been working at the club Skin Cabaret. In January of this year, police arrested James Dewayne Mullins in Paduca, Kentucky, after he confessed to the murder. However, in July, police announced that they had received irrefutable evidence that the "Baseline Killer," aka 42-year-old construction worker Mark Goudeau, was responsible for the crime. Goudeau was charged for Thompson's murder on December 7. It is one of nine deaths the Mariscopa County prosecutors would like to pin on Goudeau, along with five sexual assaults and 12 armed robberies.