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Idaho Unemployment Rate Dips to 3.9 Percent


"Help Wanted Sign," by sarachicad via Flickr. CC by 2.0. - FLICKR.COM

Idaho's 2015 economic outlook is ending on a positive note, with the Idaho Department of Labor reporting Friday the Gem State's unemployment dipped in November to 3.9 percent, meaning Idaho's jobless rate has been below the national average for more than six years.

Economists said Idaho experienced its strongest payroll gains in manufacturing, administrative and support services, and the leisure and hospitality sectors. The Labor Department said Idaho's overall payrolls grew by nearly 27,600 jobs between November 2014 and November 2015. Meanwhile, the number of Idahoans collecting unemployment insurance benefits dropped by 28 percent from a weekly average of 7,500 in November 2014 to 5,400 in November this year. 

The state's workforce grew by 1,100 workers this November to 803,534. The Labor Department said that there were 803,534 people on Idaho payrolls last month, edging the labor force participation to about 64 percent.