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Idaho Unemployment Rate Bumps Up to 4.1 Percent, Boise Jobless Rate is 2.5 Percent



An increase in the number of Idahoan, including recent graduates, looking for work this summer has pushed the Gem State's unemployment rate up to 4.1 percent, the third-straight month Idaho's jobless rate has increased.

According to a report this morning from the Idaho Department of Labor, the state's overall labor force had increased to approximately 799,2000, a significant 2.6 percent increase over the same period in 2014.

July's unemployment rate is also eight-tenths-of-a-percent better than July 2014. The highest unemployment rate was in north-central Idaho's Clearwater County—7.8 percent —while the lowest rate was in southeastern Idaho's Franklin County.

The city of Boise's jobless rate was 2.5 percent in July, the lowest among Idaho's major cities. Caldwell's unemployment rate in July was 5.4 percent. 

The national unemployment remained unchanged in July at 5.3 percent.