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Idaho Ugly


Charles Manson did it the hard way. He wanted a swastika carved in his forehead, so he did it himself.

But young Jesse Starkey took the time, trouble and expense to get "Aryan Warrior" tattooed on his forehead in neo-Gothic typeface, so that when he was chasing his roommates around with a chair, it would be clear where he stood on issues of race and violence.

Fortunately for his roommies, Starkey doesn't quite have what it takes to do much more than menace. After prat-falling around the parking lot of a Ustick-area residence, he apparently got into his car in a huff and drove off. Problem was, he was wasted, so when he glanced off a curb, then almost hit a car, he was easy enough to spot.

Police reports indicate that Starkey's problem was gastric: Victims of his tirade apparently sparked his chubby, neo-Nazi outrage by asking him to eat food that did not belong to him. Fight the power, brother!

We wondered at first if he was an out-of-towner, here for the storybook wedding of Boise State Broncos star Ian Johnson and his girlfriend Chrissy Popadics. After receiving some threats (we have no evidence they were from Starkey, though we're pretty sure he didn't approve of the marriage), the inter-racial couple hired some off-duty Boise Police Department officers to act as security.

Alas, Starkey appears to be a local. But the officers staffing the Bronco nuptials needn't have worried. Starkey was so tanked, and so busy threatening his cohabitants, that he would never have made it to the church on time. He's currently facing misdemeanor charges for assault (apparently he never quite nailed anyone with the chair) and for vehicular assault (he almost tagged a pedestrian on his short road trip). Officers pulled him over shortly after midnight on Sunday morning, whereupon Starkey refused to take a breathalyzer test. No telling when he lost his eyebrows. Judging by the look of his mug, we're guessing that was a homemade job. Just like Charles.