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Idaho Sues 'Lothario' Accused of Using Multiple Identities, Bilking Millions From Investors


Officials with the Idaho Department of Finance are calling an alleged fraudster "a man of many names" and launched a lawsuit against Richard "Rick" Guyon, 58, who has gone by Michael Banks, Rick Garrison, Rick Thomson and Mark Thompson in a number of schemes.

The department announced Monday morning that Guyon had already been convicted of bank fraud in Massachusetts, North Carolina and Virginia, and spent more than 13 years in federal prison before setting his sights on Idaho in 2015.

“Since arriving in Idaho, this Lothario has convinced at least two women, both of whom he dated, to assist him in defrauding several local investors of over $2 million,” the department states in the complaint filed in Idaho district court. “He met them online while incarcerated, and shortly after he was released on supervision he moved in with one of them and began working with the other.”

See related PDF DoF_Guyon_Lawsuit.pdf
The complaint also names Thompson Enterprises Holding Group, Thompson Enterprises and Thompson Capital Management—all business entities owned by Guyon.

The lawsuit is seeking an injunction against Guyon and restitution for his victims. Meanwhile, prosecutors are looking to hear from anyone who may have done business with, or have communicated with, Guyon. Investors who may have been targeted by the alleged fraudster as asked to call the department at 1-888-346-3378.

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