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Idaho Space Days


For Trekkies and presidents of chess clubs, Idaho Space Days is going to be hotter than a supernova. But for the rest of you cool kids, if you channel your inner geeks, Idaho Space Days might just provide a fun (and air-conditioned) opportunity to learn about space from retired NASA astronauts.

Discovery Center of Idaho launched its fourth annual Idaho Space Days on Aug. 2 with a model rocket demonstration with Ray Amaya of KBOI. The six-day event will run through Saturday, Aug. 7, and is packed with presentations and activities related to space travel. This year's theme is Women in Space and features astronaut Barbara Morgan, who is a former participant in the Teacher in Space program. Wendy Lawrence, a retired astronaut who served on four shuttle missions in 10 years, will also speak at Space Days. Lawrence will share stories about her experiences in space and her perspective on what it was like to be a woman in space. Other guests will bring show-and-tell items to illustrate stories about life in space, feeding the curiosity of moon-rock-hungry crowds.

Through Saturday, Aug, 7. For a list of activities and times, visit