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Idaho Shakespeare Festival Presents Noises Off


It's human nature to take a bit of voyeuristic pleasure when watching the exploits of others completely fall apart in a mad flurry of chaotic triumph and tragedy—hence the continued success of reality television.

Now imagine if that catastrophe is being acted out on stage by actors in over their heads, saddled with a flop of a play and stuck in a production where just about anything that can go wrong does. The result is the so-bad-it's-good comedy classic Noises Off—Idaho Shakespeare Festival's closing production of the season, which opens with a preview night Friday, Aug. 31, and opening night Saturday, Sept. 1.

The production is a play-within-a-play, in which actors play actors and stage crew who are stuck in one of the most woebegone plays ever--the fictional and aptly titled Nothing On. It doesn't help that the cast members (the fictional ones in the fictional play--confused yet?) come with their own colorful, questionable and altogether unimpressive resumes. The result is a tribute to comedic timing and all-around silliness.

The cast (the ISF one) includes some familiar faces, including Lynn Allison, Richard Klautsch and Stitch Marker alongside some new additions to the ISF stage. As with all ISF September productions, Noises Off will be the only offering through the end of the season Saturday, Sept. 29, and there will be no Green Show prior to performances.