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Idaho Shakespeare Festival Launches 2014 Season With Deathtrap

Runs through Friday, July 25


Author and playwright Ira Levin knew all about the hazards of being a professional creative. In his novel Rosemary's Baby, a failing actor makes a deal with the devil to resurrect his career by selling his child's soul. In his 1978 play Deathtrap, Levin leaves the abstractions of buying and selling souls behind, instead offering a tale of a struggling playwright who jealously covets a student's blockbuster play to the point of murder.

Sidney Bruhl (played by Tom Ford; see Citizen, Page 12) has had trouble writing. And despite an auspicious start as a playwright, his last few have been box office flops. Enter Clifford Anderson, Bruhl's promising student with a play, titled Deathtrap, that Bruhl thinks is a shoo-in success. When the two meet to discuss Anderson's script—a murder mystery—their shared typewriter could be their deadliest weapon.

Deathtrap runs through Friday, July 25. Preview night is Friday, May 30; opening night is Saturday, May 31.