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Idaho Restaurant Offers 15 Percent Discount to Pistol-Packing Patrons


  • Screenshot, KREM-TV

Over the past several years, and particularly in the shadow of the rash of mass shootings across the nation, several Idaho restaurateurs have kindly asked their customers to leave their firearms at home. Idaho owners of Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle have joined Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Chili's and Sonic Drive-In to make their establishments gun-free.

Meanwhile, not only does a northern Idaho restaurant welcome firearms, it offers a discount to anyone who flashes a weapon.  

KREM-TV reports The Dueling Irons in Post Falls has a 15 percent discount to anyone who carries a gun, openly or concealed. Even those who don't have their gun on their person can get a 15 percent discount if they show their gun permit.

"I wanted to provide a safe environment for people to come in and not only learn but experience that gun owners are usually self-respecting, very good people," owner Thomas Didra told KREM-TV.