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Idaho Power Working 24/7 to Turn the Christmas Lights Back On for Valley, Adams Counties


For hundreds of Valley County residents, this week is turning out to be the nightmare before Christmas. One week after nearly 1,100 residents were left in the dark when heavy snow downed some of Idaho Power's transmission lines, an even bigger outage on Dec. 20 turned out the lights to nearly 10,000 Valley County residents. Idaho Power pointed to a large tree that had fallen across one of its major power lines serving the county. But, according to Idaho Power officials, the power had to be restored in stages to avoid an overload of the system.

Meanwhile, a second power line serving the same area was still without power through Monday night. Idaho Power crews, working in waist-deep snow, said they needed to carefully remove a large tree that had tangled with power lines so the removal would not do further damage to the transmission network.

Idaho Power said it has brought in extra resources from the Treasure Valley to assist the Valley County repairs. Bad weather and poor visibility have grounded a helicopter that would otherwise be used to patrol the lines and locate damaged areas, slowing the repair process.

According to the Idaho Power Outage Map Tuesday morning, power was still reported to be out for customers west of Lake Cascade and northeast of the city of Cascade. Other outages were reported in neighborhoods in and near the Adams County town of New Meadows.

While extended outages are uncommon in Idaho Power’s service area, the recent storms are a reminder to to have an outage kit available if the power goes out. Idaho Power says the kit should include the following:

1. Matches
2. Candles
3. A flashlight
4. Extra blankets
5. A mobile phone with backup power
6. A battery-powered radio
7. Batteries
8. Bottled water
9. Canned and dried foods
10. A manual can opener
11. A wind-up clock or battery-powered clock

Idaho Power Outage Map, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 9 a.m. - IDAHOPOWER.COM/OUTAGES
  • Idaho Power Outage Map, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 9 a.m.