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Idaho Power Sets 100 Percent Clean Energy Goal by 2045, Earns Praise from Sierra Club, Conservation Voters for Idaho


  • Boise Weekly
Idaho's largest utility announced today that it had set a goal of providing "100 percent clean energy" by 2045. Dubbed the "Clean Today, Cleaner Tomorrow" initiative, Idaho Power reiterated its commitment to turn away from coal and invest more in alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. As an example, Idaho Power also announced this morning that it was entering into an agreement with owners of a soon-to-be-built solar farm south of Twin Falls. The 20-year pact with Jackpot Holdings would need approval from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The contract would see Idaho Power pay a little less than 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, one of the lowest-cost solar contracts in the U.S.

Idaho Governor Brad Little and Boise Mayor Dave Bieter were quick to praise Idaho Power's new goal.

“This plan demonstrates Idaho Power’s commitment to doing what’s right for customers’ pocketbooks and the environment,” said Little in a prepared statement. “It also shows innovation can improve our lives with solutions that are reasonably priced, responsible and delivered without government intrusion.”

“This is an ambitious goal that illustrates Idaho Power’s commitment to the future of the communities they serve,” said Bieter in a prepared statement. “It’s exciting to think about what we might achieve together by working toward a common goal of 100 percent clean electricity.”

The Boise office of the Sierra Club was also quick to boost the plan.

“This is a game changer for the clean energy transition and great news for Idaho. Kudos to Idaho Power for looking seriously towards the future and what’s best for our state," said Zack Waterman, director of the Idaho Chapter of the Sierra Club, in a prepared statement. "Moving away from fossil fuels is not only necessary to protect our climate and quality of life, but it’s also an enormous economic opportunity for the Gem State."

And Conservation Voters for Idaho issued its own statement Tuesday morning:

“Idaho Power’s commitment to reach 100% clean energy by 2045 is a game changer. It sets a new standard for utilities in Idaho and across the nation," said Conservation Voters for Idaho Executive Director Courtney Washburn in a prepared statement. "Clearly, clean affordable energy is the future and we look forward to building on this progress to benefit communities and families throughout Idaho.”