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Idaho Potato Pins

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If you're like most Idahoans, you are often dismayed that you can't find more ways of displaying your state pride.

"Sigh," you think. "If only there were a way I could wear Idaho on my sleeve and share it with the world."

Well, rest easy, dear Gem State lover, that very opportunity lies at the tips of your fingers thanks to one of those who-knew benefits of living in Idaho: Every Idaho citizen is entitled to 50 plastic Idaho potato pins every single year.

Since the mid-1990s, the Idaho Potato Commission has been spreading some good (potato) will by scattering the state's iconic tubers far and wide.

"We get quite a few requests," said Jamie Quinno, marketing assistant at Idaho Potato Commission. "It's just one of our most popular items."

While any potato aficionado can order the 1-inch-long brown pins emblazoned with "Idaho" in gold (as well as Spuddy Buddy golf club covers, hand puppets and snow globes), only Idaho residents can get them free.

Just visit the commission's office at 661 S. Rivershore Lane in Eagle and request your pins. Each person can get one bag of 50 within a 12-month period.

Can't make it in? For a $3 shipping fee, you can have them delivered to your door by ordering from the online shop at

Go forth, get your pins and start sharing the potato love with the world.