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Idaho Panhandle Politics: Endorsements and Late-Night Harassment


Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) - IDAHO LEGISLATURE
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  • Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard)
Idaho Legislative District No. 1, which includes all of Boundary and much of Bonner counties, is about as far from the Capitol as any political subdivision in the state, but a political contest in the panhandle between incumbent House Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) and Democratic challenger Kate McAlister is grabbing a good deal of attention in Boise.

The all-powerful Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry—whose members include Gem State business powerhouses such as Micron, Idaho Power, Simplot and Hecla Mining—has made the rare move to endorse a challenger in November's election.

The Associated Press reports the pro-business association has thrown its weight behind McAlister because Scott "has one of the worst voting records on supporting commerce." Meanwhile, IACI Political Director Zach Hauge praised McAlister, who serves as president of the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce, for her "history of supporting commerce."
Democrat Kate McAlister has been endorsed by IACI. - KATEMCALISTER.COM

Making matters a bit spicier, Idaho Democratic Party officials in Boise have decided to pull a party field organizer out of Legislative District No. 1 because the operative claims he was being "stalked and harassed" by Scott supporters.  

The S-R reports the field organizer called the Bonner County Sheriff's Office when a mysterious truck rolled up to the home where he was staying at 2 a.m. and began taking photos of the house and the field organizer's car.

According to the field organizer, a responding sheriff's deputy told him, "being a Democrat is not a protected class." Soon thereafter, IDP fired off a formal letter of complaint to the Idaho attorney general's office and pulled the organizer out of the Panhandle district.

"These acts of willful intimidation raise serious concerns under Idaho law," wrote IDP Chairman Bert Marley in the letter.