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Oil and Gas Commissioners Touring Southwest Idaho Gas Wells Thursday


Alta Mesa has 16 gas wells in Payette County. - GEORGE PRENTICE
  • George Prentice
  • Alta Mesa has 16 gas wells in Payette County.
Conservation advocates had strong praise for the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's decision to push aside a new law, passed by the 2015 Idaho Legislature, that would have streamlined the commission's decision-making process on oil and gas exploration.

"I think that's really strong and really smart," Idaho Conservation league program director Justin Hayes told the Associated Press. "That makes sure that everyone in the interim does have their due process assured."

Commissioners indicated that a new round of negotiated rule-making for Idaho's oil and gas industry might take place in the future, according to the AP.

Meanwhile, that same commission, a division of the Idaho Department of Lands, is spending the day Thursday touring Payette County's natural gas exploration facilities. To date, Payette County has 16 gas wells, operated by Texas-based Alta Mesa, which also has two pending applications before the commission where the company wants to integrate two Fruitland properties into its operations. The commission is expected to decide on those applications on August 27, during its next meeting at the Boise Statehouse.