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Idaho Man Faces Possibility of Federal Prison for Facebook Threats


An Idaho man learned a hard lesson Jan. 20, when he pleaded guilty to making threats against citizens and police in Moscow and Pullman, Wash., via Facebook.

For his crime, he now faces up to five years in a federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

The United States Attorney's Office in Boise announced Thursday that Paul Suggs, 19, had been indicted on a felony charge of interstate communications of threats. The case goes back to December 2015, when prosecutors said Suggs was traveling in Germany but posted threats that "involved shooting a citizen, shooting law enforcement officials and harming the families of law enforcement officers in Moscow and Pullman."

Federal officials said Suggs wrote, "language that was very graphic and knew he was communicating a threat" when he attached photos of himself holding a handgun.

Suggs faces sentencing in April. Prosecutors said, as part of a plea agreement, they'll recommend a lesser sentence than the full punishment but it will be up to the judge to make the final decision.