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Idaho Legislators Move Bill Forward to Clarify County Boundaries

"We kind of like things right, I guess


Idaho lawmakers are finally getting around to fixing a problem—nearly a century old—that clarifies the boundary descriptions of Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln and Minidoka counties.

"We ran out of time in getting this to you last year," said Jerome Republican Rep. Maxine Bell. "But after 1919, what's another month or two?"

Bell stood before the Senate State Affairs Committee this morning to present House Bill 42, which would codify the boundary description in state statute rather than in so-called "session laws" as they currently exist.

"We kind of like things right, I guess," said Bell.

When asked if any Idahoans would be directly impacted by the change, Bell said no.

"Our neighbors are neighbors; they don't care," she said. "Out in the boonies, these lines don't run through anybody's barn or cow herd. The code was just wrong."

Ketchum Democratic Sen. Michelle Stennett said that she had been asked by several children why some of the counties boundaries were so odd.

"I though it was because of utility lines," said Setennet. "I'm glad to see this cleared up."

The State Affairs Committee approved the measure unanimously, sending it to the full Senate with a "do pass" recommendation. The bill has already cleared through the House.