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Idaho Legislator, Sponsor of Anti-Sanctuary Bill: 'I've Been Called Things That Wouldn't Be Printable'


Rep. Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) - IDAHO LEGISLATURE
  • Idaho Legislature
  • Rep. Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell)
An Idaho legislator, sponsor of a much-debated measure that would cut off funds to any governmental entity that declared itself to be a sanctuary city, doubled down on his argument Monday morning, insisting "sanctuary policies are anti-immigrant."

Fronted by Rep. Greg Chanel (R-Caldwell), House Bill 76 would strip away Idaho sales tax funding for any city or county that harbors undocumented residents, adding that local law enforcement should be empowered to blow the whistle on the undocumented immigrants to federal authorities.

In an op-ed forwarded to Idaho media outlets Monday morning, Chaney said that, in the wake of his sponsorship of the anti-sanctuary bill, he has been chastised as "hateful, xenophobic, racist, un-Christian, anti-immigrant" and "far more that wouldn't be printable."

"Sanctuary polices provide protection to the wrong group of undocumented immigrants at the expense of those working to better their families, communities, and our economy," wrote Chaney. "Sanctuary policies obstruct meaningful immigration reform."

As for his opponents, Chaney said they "try to confuse the issue by trying to blend the sanctuary city issue with the refugee issue. Whether they are simply confused or intentionally trying to deceive, they are not helpful to the discussion."

Meanwhile, both sides are gearing up for what should be some verbal fireworks when HB 76 comes before the House State Affairs Committee. The date for the hearing has yet to be made public.