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Idaho Horror Film Festival Launch Party

Going bump in the night

For connoisseurs of creepy, Oct. 31 isn't about costumes and candy. It's the culmination of the days leading up to Halloween when the airwaves are filled with films of slashers, psychos, monsters, mummies, ghosts, ghouls, curses, cannibals and every other dark, damned and dangerous creature imaginable. If you tingle at terror, delight in danger or pique at panic, Idaho Horror Film Festival (Oct. 16-18) gets you. If you also like whiskey, IHFF not only gets you but would like to get to know you better, so you're invited to the IHFF Launch Party at Whiskey Bar on Thursday, Sept. 18. There, IHFF will roll out the festival schedule--which includes an appearance by actor Don Shanks, who played the title role in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers--provide info about i48's sinister little sister, h48, and sell posters and discounted 2014 festival passes. Whiskey Bar will be slinging cocktails made exclusively for IHFF.