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Idaho Health Insurance Providers Propose Rate Hike Average of Eight Percent in 2019


  • Kelsey Hawes
The Idaho Department of Insurance is looking for public input on proposed health insurance rates for 2019. The DOI posted the proposals on its website late Friday, summarizing submissions from insurance carriers who offer coverage in the Gem State. DOI officials said they'll continue to review the carriers' submissions and the department reminds the public that it has the authority to determine rates to be "unreasonable" if the requests are not adequately justified.

The overall average of the proposed rates are approximately 8 percent higher. Select Health actually has rates in its "bronze" and "silver" categories that are less than the current year. But most carriers are proposing significant increases. For example, Blue Cross of Idaho is proposing rates that are anywhere from 9- to 12 percent higher in different categories of coverage; PacificSource Health is proposing rates that are between 14- and 27 percent higher, again depending on the category; and Mountain Health CO-OP proposed rate hikes are between 18- and 68 percent higher.
  • DOI
"We're still reviewing these increases, and welcome examination and comments from the public," said DOI Bureau Chief Wes Trexler in a prepared statement. "While the proposed rate increases are not nearly as extreme as some prior years, any increase to health insurance premiums make it that much more difficult to afford."

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Final rates are expected to be made public by mid-September or early October.