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Idaho GOP Leadership on Perry, Guthrie Rumors: 'We're Determined to Find the Truth'


  • Kelsey Hawes

Saying "public officials lead private lives, but private actions can sometimes have public consequences," Idaho GOP leadership sent out a formal statement Monday morning, again confirming they had asked legislative auditors to review expenses linked to House Rep. Christy Perry (R-Nampa) and Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon). Perry and Guthrie have been the subject of numerous reports suggesting they were having an affair, and on Aug. 18, Perry stated she had experienced a "profound crisis" two years ago and "made a terrible mistake for which I am truly sorry."

"As leaders in the House and Senate, we are particularly concerned about the suggestion that public resources may have been misused," wrote Senate Pro Tempore Brent Hill and House Speaker Scott Bedke Monday morning. "We want the public to know that we take this matter seriously and are determined to find the truth."

Bedke and Hill said they had asked legislative auditors to conduct a full review of "all relevant documents and information" and said the audit "may take some additional time."

"In the meantime, we want to assure all Idahoans that we recognize the trust they have placed in us as elected officials and we work hard every day to honor it," wrote Bedke and Hill.