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Idaho Candy Company Seconds

Satiate your sweet cravings for less cash


The Idaho Candy Company has been keeping Idahoans' sugar cravings in check for 111 years with classics like the Idaho Spud Bar, the Old Faithful and the Cherry Cocktail. But considering the thousands of pieces of candy the company cranks out each year, there's bound to be a few that don't come out picture perfect.

While a piece of candy's lack of symmetry could be a one-way trip to the trash, it can also be a major opportunity for local sweet lovers looking to score some cheap treats. Rather than tossing out what the crew at the Idaho Candy Company lovingly refer to as "seconds," the not-so-perfect candies are bundled in bulk and sold for a pittance.

Though the selection and availability vary, typically, the candy company will have seconds of either Idaho Spud Bars or Old Faithfuls for sale—with an occasional guest appearance by another variety. Spud Bar seconds are sold in 3-pound bags for $5, while Old Faithful seconds come in 2.5-pounds bags for the same price.

The seconds are only sold in the Idaho Candy Company's retail store in the front of its 109-year-old factory in downtown, and they're not always available. But a little perseverance can mean a major score for a penny-pincher with a sweet tooth.