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Idaho Candle Company Candles

$18-$36, Found at shops around Boise


Candles are the unsung heroes of the holiday season, setting the scene for a holiday party or soiree. So much of the holidays is connected to the olfactory experience, scents like nutmeg, pine needles and cinnamon take the mind on all sorts of adventures. People looking for holiday scents but want to shop local might look no further than the Idaho Candle Company. The candles are eco-friendly, with all-american soy wax, and lead- and zinc-free cotton and paper wicks, and a biodegradable cork. The jars used to house the candles are also 50% recycled material, and are designed to be reused or recycled after use. In a true Idaho spirit, the candles are wrapped in vintage-style post cards depicting areas around the state, from the Sawtooth Mountains to Hyde Park. Idaho Candle Company also partners with local businesses around the state, with wholesale information available on its website.

$18-$36, Found at shops around Boise,