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Idaho Board of Ed Approves Fast-Track Admissions to State Public Colleges/Universities


The Idaho State Board of Education wants to fast-track more Idaho high school seniors into the Gem State's eight public universities and colleges. That's why trustees approved a plan this week to admits high school seniors with a 3.0 GPA in to a state college of university. Additionally, the proposal would admits students with GPA and SAT scores, when multiplied, equal 2,835 or higher.

The State Board voted unanimously to approve the plan. Simply put, qualifying students will be automatically sent a letter that reads, "Congratulations; you've been accepted."

Of course, that acceptance comes with conditions. First and foremost, those students need to complete their high school requirements. 

Approximately 50 percent of Idaho's 21,000 graduating students opt not to go on to college. Compare that to the national average of 62 percent. In 2010, Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter set a goal of having 60 percent of Idaho's young adults completing a post-secondary degree or certificate by 2020, but Idaho currently stands at about 42 percent of its young adults with that achievement.