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Idaho BLM Auctions 6,000+ Acres for Oil, Gas Exploration, Grosses $3.8M


The Idaho office of Bureau of Land Management announced this morning that it had reaped $3.8 million for auctioning off five giant land parcels - totaling 6,475 acres - targeted for oil and gas exploration. The auctions were held May 28 at the Boise BLM-Idaho offices.The sale also brought in $9,714 in rental fees and $775 in administrate fees, bringing total receipts to $3,878,683.

Two environmental groups had filed protests to the lease sales and the nothing is finalized until those protests have been resolved. But BLM officials said Thana Kauffman of Payette had submitted the highest total bid per acre ($771) while the highest total bid per parcel ($1,078,630) came from Energy Solutions of Oklahoma City, Okla.

The auctioned parcels include 997 acres of BLM-administered lands and 5,352 acres of split estate (private surface with BLM-managed subsurface) within a 15,644 acre area in Payette County.