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Idaho and Colorado Bond as Telluride Mountainfilm Festival Hits Egyptian Theatre

Thursday, April 11


Mountains are where the land meets the sky, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that mountains are where adventures happen. Living in the shadow of the Foothills and a few short miles from some of the most rugged terrain in the Lower 48, Boiseans know this intimately.

But so do those in Telluride, Colo., home of the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, one of America's largest adventure film celebrations. The festival will make a stop in Boise Thursday, April 11, at the Egyptian Theatre, where a selection of its top films—including Blue Obsession, I Believe I Can Fly and Industrial Revolutions—will hit the screen at 7 p.m. in a display of Rocky Mountain camaraderie.

All the films focus on outdoor adventure, taking viewers to the far corners of the Earth. Blue Obsession will transport audiences to the Mendenhall Glacier in southeast Alaska. As the glacier retreats, it reveals new, smaller glaciers. In Dunvegan, Scotland, Danny MacAskill performs bike tricks in unexplored urban environments in the film Industrial Revolutions.

Some of the more personal films show the heart of the festival. In Right to Play, Norwegian speed skater Johann Olav Koss travels the world to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable and victimized children. In The Way Home: Returning to The National Parks, Yosemite National Park Ranger Shelton Johnson is unsettled by the fact that only 1 percent of the park's visitors share his African-American heritage.

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