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Ice Cold the Old Fashioned Way


Ah, but who cares about all this coldest beer hubbub if you don't drink beer? Instead, allow me to expound on cold of another kind. Having gone into overtime for the week's bar time (thanks to Coldest Beer), continued beer consumption and a bar review were almost impossible feats. Thus it was appropriate that, on a stormy Sunday night, I decided to drink dinner—at Delsa's ice Cream Parlour.

Though I certainly could have eaten, as classic diner food fills the menu and sundaes are half-priced on Sunday, the drinks were meals in themselves. Shake it, malt it, whip it, float it ... then down your gullet with it. I briefly noted the coffee menu (with all the usual espresso libations and Oregon chai tea) before moving into a serious hemming and hawing process over shakes and malts, which come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, cherry, raspberry, butterscotch, marshmallow, caramel, coffee, banana, Oreo cookie, root beer or any whacky combination thereof. One chocolate and marshmallow shake to start, thank you, and then it was on to the fountain choices. After all, when one drinks dinner, multiple courses should not be eliminated. Freeze whips (orange or raspberry sherbet blended with Sprite) would have made a great fruit course, and any of the fountain specialties like scotch 'n' soda or cherry, vanilla or chocolate Coke would have washed down all that shake well. But it was the Old Fashioned Soda, its name surrounded in flashing lights and a line of imaginary dancing show girls, that I couldn't live without. Soda water, flavoring (raspberry for me), two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. Its foamy, creamy, bubbly, fizzy, frothy, milky, fruity deliciousness opposite a rich fluffy chocolate marshmallow shake made for a dinner that would make my mother proud.

Delsa's Ice Cream Parlour, 7923 Ustick Rd., 375-3495