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Hunger Summit Fills Up, Makes a Menu of Goals


Hunger Summit fills up, makes a menu of goals

Almost 15 percent of Idaho families worry about having enough food and nearly 4 percent go hungry. With Idaho being the eighth-hungriest state in the nation, it was high time somebody did something about it. So after eight months of planning, the first Idaho Summit on Hunger and Food Security on October 27 had a full plate of approximately 260 attendees to listen to speakers and discuss partnerships, education, improvement of existing programs and the formation of a group that will spearhead a statewide effort to end hunger in Idaho. Some of the specific issues include removing the vehicular test for food stamps (Idaho is the only state which considers vehicle ownership when determining need for food stamps); raising the minimum wage and indexing it for inflation; and eliminating sales taxes on groceries.

"Please sir, may I have another?"

If invoking hungry children is a cheap way to make you think of Idaho's unfortunate children this holiday season, then call us cheap. But you don't have to go hungry, and you get to taste some mighty fine wines to boot. On November 10, beginning at 6:30 p.m., BanBury Golf Club will host the Helping Hands Food and Wine Celebration this year in association with The Caring Foundation for Children of Idaho. Attendees can taste over 40 internationally famous wines with appetizers and a silent auction. All proceeds go to benefit Idaho's children. Advance tickets ($30 per person) may be purchased at BanBury Golf Club or by phone at 939-4600. :

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