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Huck The Folidays

Bringing out the inner Grinch


Happy Holidays already. It's cold, dark, not snowy enough, too snowy, stressful and frustrating. As the economy teeters on the brink of recession, as the days grow shorter and as modern society's pace threatens health, welfare and the pursuit of happiness, some of us have begun to wonder what is out there to be so damn jolly about. Yeah, we're talking to you, fat dude in the red suit. Cut the yucks.

If you were stomped on by shoppers at the Boise Towne Square last month, you might wonder, too. If you woke up this morning wondering how you'd find breakfast, you may be past wondering. Enough with the saccharine taglines attached to yet another Christmas sale ad. But as the Gem State lurches through another holiday season, it seemed appropriate to look around, beyond the Christmas lights (or holiday lights, or Hanukkah lights) and find the grumpy side of this particularly frenzied season. So spike the eggnog and gather 'round and help us direct a slushball at Cindy Lou Who down in Whoville. And bring on the new year as soon as possible.

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