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Howl About the Wolves

Are you frustrated about the Idaho Fish and Game's recent decision to remove 75 percent of the wolves from the Clearwater region in Northern Idaho? Or maybe you think those bloodthirsty scumbags deserve whatever they get. In either case, the Fish and Game wants to hear your rant. The department is holding a public meeting next week on the proposed removal, from 5 to 9 p.m. on February 2 at the Juniper Room of the Double Tree Riverside Motel in Garden City. Copies of the proposal, which Fish and Game biologists say is in response to plummeting elk numbers in the Lolo zone, will be available online at as soon as Wednesday, or at the local Fish and Game offices, at 600 S. Walnut in Boise. Written comment can also be submitted through the department's Web site, or by sending snail-mail to IDFG Wolf Comments, P.O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707.