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How It Should Have Ended

Sometimes movies just don't finish the way we would like.


Most of us have walked out of a theater thinking we could have come up with a better ending to a movie or finished a video game and dropped the controller in irritation at the various plot holes. For those who hate deus ex machina and cringe at the "it was all just a dream" excuse, the website How It Should Have Ended is the solution to the bad conclusion conundrum.

How It Should Have Ended explores hilarious alternate endings to popular films, TV shows and video games. In a series of videos anywhere from one to five minutes long, How It Should Have Ended pokes holes in every plot--especially those that were already riddled with holes to begin with.

After all, even if you believe that time travel could have solved all the problems in the Harry Potter universe, it's still funny to contemplate. And most gamers can agree that Bowser would actually defeat Mario if he stopped setting up elaborate obstacle courses and just imprisoned the plumber from the start.

The videos alone are a great way to kill a few minutes (read hours), but after you've had your fill of more satisfying possible endings, check out the site's movie reviews or scroll through the comic archives if you still need a laugh. So don't despair when a movie ends in mild or terrible disappointment: Go see How It Should Have Ended.