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How Do You Get To the Caledonian Games? Practice, Practice Practice


Athena, Oregon, is about 230 miles from Boise, so their annual Caledonian Games and Scottish Heritage Festival (that's Scottish, not Greek as the town's name might suggest) may not have shown up on the radar. But Idaho's own Boise Highlanders, a very talented group of Boise-area bagpipers, will be attending Athena's Caledonian Games as a featured performer.

Athena's Caledonian Games Association states as its purpose "to preserve and perpetuate Scottish social manners and customs" in order to celebrate the city of Athena and its Scottish heritage, per the Constitution of the Caledonian Society of Umatilla County, Oregon, in 1899. The Caledonian Games celebrate all things Scottish with a weekend of games, cultural events, live entertainment, music, dancing and food, all founded in the Scottish tradition.

The Boise Highlanders Pipe Band will perform at about 2:45 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

July 9-10, Athena, Oregon. For more information about the festival, visit