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Hot Fuzz


There's a simple formula for gauging whether you will like Hot Fuzz. Have you seen 2004's Shaun of the Dead? Did any of your friends tell you that you were sure to like it? Is it in your Netflix queue? If any of these questions netted a "yes" response, then Hot Fuzz is definitely for you.

Shaun was a quirky British crew's attempt to mesh the genre of funny U.K. date humor with zombie gore. And it was solid gold. Never would I have guessed there could be so much blood in a romantic comedy or so much humor in a gorefest. Hot Fuzz re-teams the writers, director, stars and much of the supporting cast. Now, instead of a zombie farce, it's a tale of a London supercop sent to the quietest village on the isle, where an apparent hotbed of criminal activity breaks out. Think Will Smith blockbuster Bad Boys (which they reference in the film) meets Monty Python's Flying Circus.

There is a bit of slapstick, some amazingly placed lines, then Hollywood-style explosions and gunplay. My only complaint is that for the genre—which is umm, what? Comaction? Actedy?—they drag out the run time. Shaun came in at an adequate 99 minutes while Fuzz pushes for a full two hours. (Insert Energizer Bunny joke here.) Stomach the producers' lengthy closing attempt to have fun with car chases and shootouts and you've got a quick-witted neo-Brit classic.