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Best Food With Which We Would Cheat On Our Betrothed


The interoffice debate rages on as to which of Boise's fine restaurants serves the best bread pudding. Though the bread pudding at The MilkyWay was voted by our editorial staff as "Best Food We Would Propose To" in Boise Weekly's 2005 edition of Best of Boise, we feel it's our responsibility—nay, our duty—to mention another favorite: the sizzling bread pudding at Murphy's Seafood Bar and Grill.

Loaf-size servings, scalding hot skillets, melting vanilla ice cream—it's like something straight from dessert heaven gracing our meager human race with its presence ... except lucky for us, we out rank it on the food chain.

Your tastebuds a bit green in the bread pudding experience? Don't let visions of Jell-O instant pudding scare you into avoiding what could be a most poignant dessert decision the next time you're faced with a list of post-meal sweets. Most recipes, Murphy's included, are variations of pieces of torn bread baked with heavy cream, eggs, sugar and cinnamon. Though many recipes have nuts, raisins, brandy, chocolate or any number of other bits on the list of ingredients, Murphy's bread pudding goes with a fairly plain approach, albeit one with far more style. A slice of baked pudding big enough to feed an army of post-Filet Roquefort tummies walks off the line searing its bum in bubbling hot butter until it arrives tableside where a daring server drizzles the house cinnamon caramel sauce over the pudding, caramelizing the bottom of the "loaf" and creating a plume of caramel smoke five stories high. We confess, sometimes we skip dinner and head straight for the bread pudding. After all, at only seven greenbacks a serving, it's a smoking deal that'll feed you and your date for dinner, dessert and breakfast the next morning.

Murphy's Seafood Bar and Grill, 1555 Broadway Ave., 344-3691.