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Hot Dish: Breakfast Nachos at Focaccia's


I have a few friendships that have flourished upon a foundation of regular breakfast dates. A few of those relationships that were at one time merely cordial have risen to a comfortable level of closeness in large part due to my introduction to and subsequent shared love of Focaccia's breakfast nachos. It's a dish that the little bistro on Parkcenter Boulevard could tout as a signature offering.

The nachos are comprised of fried won tons, Mexican pot beans, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, avocado, pico de gallo and a sour cream sauce. It's a rearranged version of both traditional morning fare and nacho expectations.

Won tons, unlike tortilla chips, are too fragile to hold a hefty serving of beans and cheese by hand. But on a fork, that fragility provides the basis for a cornucopia of unexpected but delightful textures and tastes. Fluffy scrambled eggs that taste as though they've been acquainted with plenty of butter, cool avocado and crunchy pico, dense sweet/salty pintos and long lines of tangy sour cream sauce dripping down the nacho pyramid.

Although the sour cream sauce is so flavorful that I'd put it on cereal, it's the combination of ingredients that makes the breakfast nachos such a standout dish--one unlike any other I've found in town.