Hop Along Serves Extra at Neurolux

Hop Along played and Summer Cannibals performed at Neurolux on April 5


There's something about Hop Along that sets people on fire. At its April 5 show at Neurolux, the band left the stage early, and the roar from the crowd was enough to make the mirrors next to the stage rattle.

Taking an early bow only to return is a common enough stage tactic, and it only works if people believe there's a real chance the band won't come back. That's the power of Hop Along: It makes people believe. The band did come back to play several more songs, sung along with by a sizable contingent of people who knew its catalogue by heart.

The sounds of some bands lose force when they play live. Others gain it. Hop Along is in the latter camp, and the smooth rhythms, and looped guitars and synth from its latest album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Saddle Creek, 2018), rolled over the crowd in waves. For older songs, the band provided some Americana topspin to go with singer Frances Quinlan's almost superhuman vocal range.

Opening was Summer Cannibals, which brought to Boise—its third time playing Neurolux in 2019—its crowd-pleasing brand of Tomboyish rock and frank lyrics. A regular Treefort band, it plans to drop a new album this year, its first since Full of It (Kill Rock Stars) in 2016.
- Summer Cannibals opened for Hop Along at Neurolux on April 5. -  - HARRISON BERRY
  • Harrison Berry
  • Summer Cannibals opened for Hop Along at Neurolux on April 5.

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