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Hooray for Us!


Whoopy-whoopy doodle, jiggity sis boom brap-brap huzzah!

"What's all this, then?" you ask? This is where we get to give ourselves a slightly over-firm, football-style ass-pat and say, "They really like us! And all along, all we had to do was pay them!"

BW writers made a downright honorable showing at the Idaho Press Club awards last week--at least award-wise. Those of us who got dolled up and attended the ceremony were far from honorable. We got lost twice on the way there, nearly got 86'd from the dinner service by a server who thought we were freeloaders and then spent the remainder of the time heckling the Channel 7's table's outfits, hairdos and celebratory dances (but not Adam Atchison's eyebrows--those things are so Rather-riffic, the station should drop their "Idaho Life" segment and show him flexing his forehead to America the Beautiful for a few minutes each night). In all, we brought home seven first-place awards, a silver and two bronzes. Among the victors were Bill Cope for his column, Peter Wollheim for investigative reporting and Bingo Barnes for a general news story, an outdoor feature and his Burning Man photo essay, and a bronze in the sports reporting category. Amy Atkins and Sara Beitia took the top two spots in the Rookie of the Year category, Rachael Daigle nabbed third in general news reporting and I defended my headline writing crown. Hooray for us!