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The hoodie/pillow combo was inevitable, really.


The hoodie is the ultimate in slacker comfort clothing. The nubby interior shields pale skin from the infrequently encountered sun, while the zip-up conceals rumpled T-shirts and the hood helps mask even the gnarliest case of bedhead. But for those looking to yawn up to the next level of lethargy, there's a new kid on the cozy block: the HoodiePillow.

"Only the HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase can provide ultimate cocoonification (TM), helping you tuck away the stresses of your day," claims "It supplies warmth, quiet, focus and a healthy sleep environment."

Setting aside the fact that the company has trademarked the word "cocoonification," the idea is pretty legit: A pillowcase is crafted from sweatshirt material with a drawstring hood to pull closed over your weary eyes. The HoodiePillow even features a pocket to hold your phone, remote or wallet, and a headphone porthole for tangle-free listening.

"Whether you're browsing the Interwebs, curling up with a good book, dozing on the couch, watching TV, gearing up for some concentrated study or simply looking to get some uninterrupted shut-eye, the HoodiePillow pillowcase is the perfect accessory to enhance your lounging experience," reads the website.

The HoodiePillow is available in black, white, heather gray, ocean blue and fire red. It also comes in a travel-sized version ideal for business-class slackers.