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Homemade Movies


Not everyone can produce a blockbuster movie, but anyone can try. The bunch of mad geniuses at CineFix not only try, but they succeed—in their own special way.

Using a combination of homemade costumes, a smattering of pretty convincing props, action figures, toys and tons of cardboard, CineFix produces shot-for-shot remakes of big-budget movie trailers. And we're talking shot. For. Shot.

Direct your Internet browser to and under playlists, you'll find more than 200 so-called "Homemade Movies" re-creating the hottest films of recent years in a lovingly janky style.

From Jurassic World (kudos to the sock puppet mosasaurus) to Star Wars: The Force Awakens (wait until you see their version of Chewie) to Deadpool (with a pretty convincing Ryan Reynolds stand-in), you can also watch the homemade version alongside its inspiration to truly appreciate the attention to detail.

Fans of the underrated 2008 Be Kind Rewind starring Mos Def and Jack Black will find plenty to appreciate. In the parlance of the aforementioned film, these Homemade Movies might not have been "sweded," but they're pretty frickin' sweet.