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HomeGrown Theater Presents Veronica Livingstone, I Presume

Tuesday, April 17-Thursday, April 19


What would a cat do with millions of dollars? Shred the bills and use them in its litterbox? Buy a ton of Meow Mix, a souped-up jingle ball for its collar or a skyscraper scratching post? It would probably just lie down on a pile of Benjamins and take an afternoon-length nap.

The newest Homegrown Theater production involves a cat and a wad of cash. Veronica Livingstone, I Presume tells the story of a deceased millionaire and the ultimate crazy cat lady, who leaves her fortune not to her son but to her feline friend.

The play will run Tuesday, April 17-Thursday, April 19 at the Linen Building.

Homegrown Theatre is exactly what the name suggests: it employs local actors, directors and playwrights. It's basically the theater version of the eat-local movement. Veronica Livingstone, I presume stars local actors Derek Patterson, Jaime Nebeker, Brecca Chabot-Olson, Edith Dull and Dylan Haas and is directed by Janessa Nichole White.

The play is the work of Boise Weekly's New Media Czar Josh Gross, and even though he's not technically homegrown--hailing from the exotic city of Ashland, Ore., he's been pretty darn involved in all things Boise for quite a while now, and can be deemed "local."

The company staged Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice in October 2011 and strives to produce three plays per year, funded by its Blip play-reading series that occurs monthly at Hyde Park Books.

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