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Home Is Where the Heart Is Blood Drive


In addition to being National Soup Month, January is also National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. And thanks to the Red Cross, you can now get a chance to have your rent or mortgage paid for the month while doing your part to contribute to the always-scarce blood supply.

The Red Cross relies upon volunteer donations to fulfill the need for blood. This month, the Red Cross will show its gratitude to donors by holding a drawing to win one month's mortgage or rent payment (not to exceed $1,500). You can enter by going to any American Red Cross location in Idaho and donating blood through Monday, Jan. 31. The Home Is Where the Heart Is blood drive could provide an opportunity to greet your landlord with a smile and a handshake instead of a wince and a grumble this month when the rent is due.

In order to donate, you will need to register with the Red Cross and pass a mini-physical. The rest of the process is easy, with a slight exception for the insertion of the needle. But once the needle is in, the actual blood donation ordeal takes approximately eight to 10 minutes and is followed by refreshments and a snack.