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July 31, Surel's Place


Robin Stiehm has practiced forms of self expression throughout her entire life. From climbing trees as a child to her first dance lessons, the expressions of every day life have been a constant for Stiehm. She's travelled the world, worked as a professional ballerina and in the field of modern dance. Now, she's bringing her dancing and self expression to Boise. The dance examines the relationship between private and public through an intimate performance with a small crowd of eight to 10 people. Stiehm is quoted saying she hopes to explore non-verbal, intimate communication. This is her first solo project, and will continue to explore these themes as her solo work progresses. Stiehm previously operated the Dancing People Company, the first professional modern dance company in Minneapolis and later in Ashland, Ore. She is the July artist-in-residence at Surel's Place.