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Feast III

Wednesday, Sept. 11


Somewhere in the bowels of Central Europe, there's a quaint village tucked in the shadow of a tall, snow-capped mountain. It's a repository of Baroque architecture and picturesque churches with red tile roofs. Smack dab in the middle is a stone castle, home to King Arthur's Buffet and Joustery, where the burg's beefiest charge each other, lances drawn, in a dusty rodeo pit while tourists chow down on whole rotisserie chickens.

OK, so The Charm School's Feast III doesn't have the cheese factor of King Arthur's, but there's something vaguely medieval about artists taking the stage to compete for cash and glory before a horde of beer-swilling patrons seated at long tables at the Visual Arts Collective.

This go-around's lineup includes the likes of Dan "Sir Kay" Costello, Erin "Hrothgar" Nelson, Kelsey "The Green Knight" Green, Wes "Mordred" Malvini and six others who will each get a few minutes on stage to regale the public with their artistic ambitions. The winner of Feast II, Erin Mallea, will present an update on her winning project, Contact With Mystery.

For the uninitiated, Feasts work like this: Attendees pay $20 in advance or $25 at the door, grab some food and a ballot, and take in the presenting artists' proposals for what they would do with a grant ranging between $400 and $1,000 (depending on attendance). Afterwards, diners cast their ballots and the winning artist is announced.

Like King Arthur's, Feast III offers food, beer and stiff competition for riches and bragging rights. Unlike the joustery, the violence knob has been turned all the way down to zero so you can be a patron of the arts with none of the bloodshed.