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Holy Cash Flow Problems


It's not quite Oral Roberts claiming that God will strike him dead if he doesn't raise $8 million, but apparently things are getting tight over at the Idaho Values Alliance.

The ultra-conservative organization sent a letter to its supporters early on Nov. 13 asking for emergency donations.

"To cut to the chase—IVA funding is to a point where, unless additional support materializes, the IVA will be forced to shut down," the letter states.

Signed by three members of the group's compensation board, Dave Fujii, Loren Mart and Gale Pooley, the letter appeals to all those who are "concerned about the increasing threats to family values in Idaho."

Led by Bryan Fischer, the group has been on the front lines of the fight over the 10 Commandments monument and is now focused on issues like bringing Bible study to public schools and reforming the state's no-fault divorce law in an effort to make divorces more difficult.

According to the letter, IVA has no "big establishment donors," and only 7 percent of those who receive the organization's newsletter actually donate.

The group goes on to ask for cash donations and gifting of stock securities, as well as monthly pledges, by Dec. 1. After that point, the financial viability of the IVA will be reassessed.